Iowa Association of Blind Students

The purpose of this Organization shall be to serve as a division of the National Federation of the Blind of Iowa; to promote educational opportunities and the general well-being of the blind of this nation and the state to function as an integral part of the National Federation of the Blind.

During the year, information highlighting scholarships, workshops/seminars, national/state conventions and internship possibilities are distributed. An in person meeting is conducted at the state convention and presentations are held throughout the year.

Please visit our FaceBook page: In addition, please subscribe to our email listserv,

The division conducts bi-monthly conference calls via Zoom. For a schedule of monthly calls and times, please contact President Elizabeth Rouse at 319-759-7522 or email

Those attending postsecondary education needing self-advocacy tips, please read the following self-advocacy resources:

The National Association of Blind Students now has a YouTube channel titled “how blind students see it”. On this YouTube channel, it will be a platform for different blind students to show us what is going on in their lives and their different successes. This channel will also have different videos educating people on different situations that blind people face and how blind students accomplish their goals. Here is a link to our YouTube channel and our first video introducing the board. We hope to have you subscribe and like our videos. We look forward to connecting with all of you in the future!

The National Federation of the Blind believes in investing in the future by supporting the college education of deserving legally blind students. Our state and national scholarship programs are the most generous in the country. When a national scholarship application is completed and forwarded to the committee, the applicant has the opportunity to win a national and or a state scholarship. Complete one application and you can win two scholarships! To learn more about the NFB National Scholarship and to download an application form, please visit Deadline for national scholarship applications is March 31st.